We created these Turf Rugs with a simple goal, to make the fun of college sports, homes, education, and novelty an enjoyable past-time.   The mats have have the natural look of an authentic AstroTurf football field.  They can be designed with white permanent stripes and numbers along with the team logo in the middle of the field.

They are perfect in a 10 x 10 size which allows for tailgaters to set up your pop-up or inflatable tent on top of the rug.  We also have 10 x 20 for the tailgaters that use two pop-up or inflatable tents.  This keeps the fun in tailgating and allows each party to environmentally avoid dirt and rough terrain on the ground.  These are great on gameday out in your front yard for the kids to enjoy some pregame football. Additionally, many have chosen to hang these on the side of their motor coach pregame!


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